About Us

We are leading exporter and importer from India. We are leading Exporter of Ceramic Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Vitrified Tiles Sanitary Wares and Decorative Border Tiles. We export our products world wide in many countries. We produce good quality materials. Our products are accepted very well in international market.We also import ceramic machineries, raw materials, processing materials for our Indian market.

The company is managed by experienced and dynamitic people. Mr. Ghanshyam K. Tulsiyani – President of company is founder of the company. He is well-experienced in international trade. The company grows rapidly under guidance of Mr. Tulsiyani every year.

Mr. Divyesh Tulsiyani is export executive. He is young and energetic .He look after all export business of the company. Sincere and serious efforts of Mr. Tulsiyani lead the company at global level. The company have more than other 10 employees. They take care of other activities of the company. They all are committed to their goal.